Channing Tatum Is Voicing George Washington In Netflix’s R-Rated Animated ‘America: The Motion Picture’

Channing Tatum and Archer‘s Matt Thompson and Adam Reed are aligning forces to teach you about America. The REAL America. Or at least the one that Netflix has decided to explore in their first major animated feature.

Netflix has a hard R cartoon on their hands (not in that way, noble pervs) titled America: The Motion Picture. Deadline reports that affable hunk Tatum will be voicing the lead role of George Washington. Archer‘s Matt Thompson will direct the film with fellow Archer exec producer teaming with Thompson as a producer. The Expendables writer/lawsuit subject Dave Callaham is handling the script with the premise being a revisionist take on the history of America. The country, not the band.

Working with an R-rating in a traditionally more G to PG-13 genre is currently en vogue at the moment. Marvel stars are increasingly letting the hard R freak flag fly and Seth Rogen turned a “what if grocery items could f*ck and discuss their hopes for said f*cking?” from a stoned musing into the dirtiest animated offering at your local movie theater last year via Sausage Party. Why not an R-rated history lesson with Tatum and the prospect of seeing Lyndon B. Johnson’s cartoon genitals. Whisk us away, America!

(Via Deadline)