The New ‘Chappie’ TV Spots Are Just The Kind Of Hard Sci-Fi Everyone Wants To See

As it stands from both a box-office and quality perspective, the 2015 feature film scene is off to a great start with the likes of American Sniper, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Kingsman: The Secret Service floating around. So, in keeping with the current year’s tradition of good films and/or good financial performance, all eyes are now turning to the next potential winner, Chappie.

To get people ready, Sony has released a slew of new TV spots, the remainder of which you can see below, and you’ll want to take a moment to check them out. In the last clip, we finally get a real sense of the political undertones that director Neill Blomkamp will bring to the table this time around, something he’s very much known for in his work.

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