Charlie Day Will Get Punched In The Face By Ice Cube For An Upcoming Film

Getty Image / FX

Ice Cube is about to slap the taste out of Charlie Day’s mouth. That’s because the pair will be starring in the new film Fist Fight, and production is aiming to begin in September. Why make a movie about Charlie Day spending all day preparing for a fight against Ice Cube? Why not? The film has some very clear influences, according to Deadline:

The pic is in the tone of ’80s cult hit Three O’Clock High but a grown-up version: Day plays a mild-mannered English teacher who is put to the test when a colleague (Ice Cube) who thinks he is trying to get him fired challenges him to a fist fight after school.

I don’t care what happens in the fight itself, but I’ll be upset if Charlie isn’t pumped full of steroids and amphetamines by the end of the day. Charlie Day cannot be put into a fight without this very necessary and proper regimen.

(Via Deadline)