Charlize Theron Is Having A Blast While Posting ‘Max Max: Fury Road’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos

George Miller is working on a Mad Max Furiosa prequel that won’t star Charlize Theron. This reality, fortunately, didn’t stop the Academy Award-winning actress from recently participating in an oral history from The New York Times about the making of Mad Max: Fury Road. On-set tension surfaced as a topic of discussion, along with the cast’s experiences with the generally harsh conditions of desert shooting, but none of this has quelled Theron’s lingering enthusiasm for the film.

During quarantine, Charlize went into #TBT mode and had a ball on Twitter while posting behind-the-scenes photos that are new to fans. Her commentary is also fantastic. “I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing my war rig for the first time,” she raved. “[A]nd realizing holy sh*t, George is not f*cking around.”

Several other images followed, including talk of the “grueling, intense shoot” that she considers well worth the experience. What a badass character and a badass look.

Some softer moments received representation, too, including a cuddle with Charlize’s child, Jackson, who will one day be able to claim, “I spent most of the first year of my life in a war rig.”

Charlie also paid tribute to most of “my girls” and the legendary George Miller himself.

Max Mad: Fury Road is currently streamable on Amazon Prime.