Check Out The First Image Of Jessica Chastain On The Set Of Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Crimson Peak’

Crimson Peak is sporting the kind of pedigree that gets my cinema glands secreting joy, profusely, into my bloodstream. When Guillermo del Toro gets into his dark sensibilities — as he’s done in the past with the almost perfect films, Pan’s Labyrinth and Cronos — he tends to do his best work, so I’m expecting wonderful things out of Mr. del Toro for this take on the haunted house genre.

Lucinda Coxon and Matthew Robbins joined del Toro in penning the screenplay for Peak; Coxon wrote the criminally under-seen Wild Target, and Robbins helped del Toro mold the under-appreciated Mimic.

As far as the thespians who del Toro will be torturing, Charlie Hunnam — current Guillermo muse — and Jessica Chastain will be leading the cast that also features Tom Hiddleston. Hunnam may not be the best actor on the planet, but he makes up for it with screen presence, and Chastain is one of the finest actors working today.

The film follows Chastain’s character, who is a lovelorn writer living in the aftermath of a tragedy. Cue scary house, demons, ghosts, del Toro’s incredible knack for creature creations, and…ACADEMY AWARD! The newest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a few pics from the set of Peak, but you can catch a glimpse below.

Crimson Peak will be out next October, which is just enough time for you to sew a pair of diapers into your jeans.