Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew Gave These Fans’ License Plates His Seal Of Approval

As we’ve discussed in the past, there are no fans quite like Star Wars fans. You can always count on them to go all-in on their love for the franchise and incorporate it into any and every facet of their lives. Comb the internet a bit and in no time you’ll find Star Wars tattoos, weddings, bachelor parties, and everything in between. In fact, the strange places Star Wars‘s influence reaches almost makes custom license plates seem tame. But it’s not the license plate alone that makes this story. It’s what happened afterwards.

A Reddit user posted a picture of a funny coincidence that occurred in a movie theater parking lot two days ago. Their car, donning a license plate reading CHEWBCA, had been joined mid-movie by another with one reading HANSOLO. This alone would have been a cute internet story, and it got a good bit of attention on Reddit.

But it really blew up when Peter Mayhew, the actor behind everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca, chimed in and gave the plates his seal of approval. “What are the odds of…wait, never tell me the odds.” The actor wrote, quoting his pal Han Solo before calling the picture, “wonderful.” It’s always cool to see actors and creators reaching out to fans like this, and Peter Mayhew seems to have gotten a legitimate kick out of this fun little coincidence.

Amidst all of the nerding out over a legitimate screen icon complimenting the license plates, it was also discovered that there’s a plate reading MFALCN in the state, prompting suggestions of a team-up of epic proportions. If that happens, who knows? Maybe the man behind everyone’s favorite scoundrel might have no choice but to notice.

(Via Reddit)