Chris Evans Wants Captain America To Cameo In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

The runaway success of Captain America: Civil War has led to discussion as to what kind of crossovers we might like to see. Of course, what about the actual actors and their characters, what would they like to see? When it comes to Chris Evans, he has some ideas for where Captain America could turn up next. If those actually happen or not remains to be seen, but if the numbers tell us anything, it’s that Marvel has been able to bottle stardust with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The praise for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is relatively universal, with him being one of the most-talked about surprises from the film. EntertainmentWeekly talks about how Evans is very comfortable within the role of Captain America and how he’d like to see Cap pop up in films outside of his own. So where, exactly? The first thing that came to mind was Guardians of the Galaxy, but he notes that Captain is a bit too “grounded” for a space-faring, intergalactic adventure like that. This brings him to ponder about the next few Spider-Man films featuring Tom Holland.

“Maybe the next Spider-Mans. Those are going to be fantastic, and I think Tom’s just a great actor, so that might be a fun one to pop up into.”

So while they may have been on opposing sides in Captain America: Civil War there could still be room for Captain America to pop into Spider-Man: Homecoming. This at least has us all thinking about how cool seeing that crossover would be and how it’d be nice to see something different in a standalone Spider-Man movie, especially since we’ve seen his origin story so many times now.

(Via EntertainmentWeekly)