Chris Evans Says ‘If Marvel Wants Me, They Got Me’ For More Captain America

There was a little concern when Marvel made their big announcement on their future slate of films regarding the contracts for their main group of stars. Chris Evans in particular was a touchy subject because a lot of reports pointed to his exit from Marvel at the end of his contract and someone new stepping into the role of Captain America.

You really couldn’t blame the guy. The kind of attention he gets now would drive you to drink, a lot, and he seems interested in stepping behind the camera to direct. But with all that still intact, he now has a different outlook on his future with Marvel according to Collider:

“Listen, if Marvel wants me they got me. I’ve never had such a relationship where you have such—I mean look at my resume, I’m used to being on set being like, ‘Ah is this movie gonna be terrible?’ Marvel just can’t stop making great movies, they do it in their sleep. It’s wonderful directors and producers and actors and scripts, and it’s like a playground as an actor.”

Is this new talk the result of the recent shakeups at Marvel? Staying thrifty used to be the name of the game, but perhaps that’s out the window and the wheels of friendship have been greased a bit. Not sure what Evans means by his resume, though. For a guy who you might think has had some clunkers (and they are there), Evans has a pretty fun track record of decent movies. They’re not blockbuster hits, but they’re far from the terrible trenches of Fantastic Four. A movie like that explains why he was tentative to stick with Captain America:

“It’s so mind-boggling that I was so tentative in the beginning to jump onboard. What an assh*le I would be if I hadn’t done this. I mean can you imagine? Kicking myself—I’d never forgive myself!”

Evans has certainly made the role his at this point, so it’s cool that he’s going to stick around as Steve Rogers for a little while longer. He might not always be Captain America, of course, but his presence could still be there.

(Via Collider)