Chris Evans May Turn Into Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde For His Next Project

Because there can be no preexisting-IP stone left unturned by movie studios lately, Lionsgate is making a movie called Jekyll. Based off the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde BBC miniseries starring James Nesbitt from a few years ago, which in turn was loosely inspired by the original Robert Louis Stevenson story, this movie is a modern sequel to the age-old story of a man whose two personalities try to co-exist in one body with varied results.

This project is not to be conflated with the future plans to have Russell Crowe play a different version of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde in that remake of The Mummy, and then probably in a standalone spinoff movie of his own down the line. Which itself has nothing to do with the recent glimpse of the character on dearly departed Showtime series Penny Dreadful. Confused yet? If you are that’s okay, but basically all you really need to know here is that the world is only a few crossed t’s and dotted i’s away from Chris Evans joining Lionsgate’s version of the story in the titular role.

You may be thinking “but Evans is way too hot to portray a moody scientist/mad man convincingly!” which may be right but it’s also time for him to branch out in his career from the current stretch of super heroes and studs he’s been playing. Evans hinted that he could handle a more nuanced emotional performance in his directorial debut Before We Go and now is his chance to prove it in an expensive prestige film based off of a hundreds of years-old story. That’s how everybody cements long-term careers in Hollywood these days, and if Chris lands this part it would go a long way towards expanding his career opportunities for years to come.

(via Deadline)