A Tweet By Chris Evans About Patton Oswalt Sent Martin Shkreli Into A Fiery Twitter Rant


Remember when pharma-douche Martin Shkreli engaged Patton Oswalt on Twitter and lost? Nothing but a good ol’ Twitter feud instigated by the same guy silenced by Late Show host Stephen Colbert, right? Oh Patton, those were the da… Oh wait, that was Monday. And to the surprise of no one, Shkreli is up to it again less than 48 hours later — this time with Captain America: Civil War star Chris Evans. You know, that actor guy who routinely visits sick kids in hospitals while in costume to cheer them up. (As opposed to knocking up their drug prices.)

Amazingly Shkreli didn’t start the fight this time. Instead, it was Evans who tweeted about Monday’s exchange on Wednesday afternoon, calling it his “favorite thing on Twitter right now”:

As of this writing, Evans hasn’t tweeted anything else about the matter. Unsurprisingly, the same cannot be said of Shkreli, who has not stopped tweeting about it ever since Evans popped up in his notifications. The dialogue monologue began simply enough:

Yet this was child’s play, so Shkreli opted for another tactic:

En lieu of a legitimating response from Evans, others took the opportunity to troll the troll:

Tweeting wasn’t enough for Shkreli, of course, so he took to Periscope and launched into a lengthy diatribe about his fight training. He also boasted about besting Evans in an organized match (should said match ever happen, which it won’t), and then decided to try out a few accents.

But hey, at least Patton appreciated the Captain’s salute: