An ‘Avengers’ Star Has Thrown His Hat In The Ring For Kevin Feige’s Reported ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige must have recovered from the whole Spider-Man split with Sony (UPDATE: The beef is somehow over) because, in the aftermath, he’s reportedly made a bold move. To a galaxy far, far away, in fact, while developing a new Star Wars movie. No one’s sure whether Feige is pushing for a bigger role within Lucasfilm, or if this means that Feige is simply a megafan who wants to dabble in another Disney franchise. Yet as the Hollywood Reporter recently revealed, Feige has already “told a major actor that there’s a specific role he would like that person to play if and when he makes the movie.”

A major actor? This could be any one of the dozens of actors with whom Feige already holds moderate-to-close ties, or it could be someone completely unexpected. This has naturally led to some speculation that an MCU star is the major actor in question, and Collider decided to poll their readers on Twitter to see who they’d prefer to see. The question arrived in as straightforward manner as possible: “Which MCU actor would you like to see pop up in a #StarWars movie?”

The top replies to this tweet include a whole lot of Brie Larson, which is somewhat surprising, given that a certain contingent pelted Captain Marvel with troll reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and they got punchy when she recently picked up Thor’s hammer. The runner-up to Collider’s tweet appears to be Tom Hiddleston with Zoe Saldana, Sebastian Stan, and Chris Evans all receiving a number of nods.

Well, Evans increased his odds of securing more public support for that role with a simple reply to Collider’s question: “Me.”

Are we to believe that Evans is willing to hop back into Disney franchise world, almost immediately after leaving the building? It sure sounds like it. He could be talking about wanting to play a minor role, of course, but nerds would surely love him to be involved with Star Wars in any way possible. Your move, Kevin Feige.