‘No Yelling On The Bus!’: Remembering The Minor Film Roles Of Chris Farley

Chris Farley was the greatest physical comedian of all time. Period. The mere mention of his name is enough to put a smile on my face, and conjures up an endless supply of hilarious mental images. From readjusting his pants and glasses while squatting and falling through coffee tables, to trying to get dressed in an airplane bathroom, to the minor roles where he made out with a penguin while getting an implied hand job — he owned each and every scene, and made them uniquely Farley.

To celebrate the brilliance that was Chris Farley, let’s take a look at his greatest minor film roles, and might I suggest having a Farley movie marathon as soon as possible. Share your favorite roles and quotes in the discussion.

Airheads as “Officer Wilson” (1994)                         

In a film where the cops are the antagonists, Farley (a rookie cop) manages to bring you over to his side when he’s confronted at a night club and is forced to “improvise” (aka pull a guys nipple ring out of his chest).

Wayne’s World 2 as “Milton” (1993)

He hates his father, he hates his life, and he has no place else to go. This role offers up some of Farley’s best yelling, from when he’s introduced in the party scene and can’t stop shouting about how great it is, to when they’re launching tennis balls at him on stage — poor Milton just wants to be a part of Wayne and Garth’s posse. Bonus points for pulling off the long hair, and getting the last line of the film, too

Dirty Work as “Jimmy” (1998)

Even though Farley goes uncredited in this film he still plays a significant role — a lonely, sleazy man who plans to marry the “Saigon whore” who bit his nose off. He also explores enunciation, like in the bar fight scene the way he says something as simple as “G-7” and makes it so Farley-esque.

Wayne’s World as “Security guard” (1992)

“Next stop is St. Louis, then he’s gonna come back through Chicago on his way to Detroit.” In his very first film role, Farley plays the security guard with an awful lot of information, and even though his role that lasts all of 20 seconds, he becomes one of the most memorable parts of the movie with the physicality he gives Wayne and Garth information.

Coneheads as “Ronnie the Mechanic” (1993)

Farley is easy to love as the dim-witted Ronnie the auto-mechanic, who just wants to impress Connie Conehead. From the way he tells Dank Aykroyd to take a seat while he works on his car, to the scene where he reveals his insecurities, you’re on his side the entire way.

Billy Madison as “Bus Driver” (1995)

“That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace.” With an unmatched cadence, and way of telling lies, this is Farley at his absolute best. A sleazy, kid-hating, school bus driver who doesn’t see a problem with stealing an entire class room’s lunches and sharing them with his pals. Oh and he’s not above getting it on with a penguin either. RIP Chris Farley we miss you!