Watch Chris Hemsworth Tell A Terrible Joke About How ‘Thor’ Is In The Bedroom

04.03.16 3 years ago

Chris Hemsworth has been doing a lot of funny stuff on this Huntsman press tour. First, he did a dramatic reading of Rihanna’s latest hit “Work,” then reminisced about how the song makes him want to get to — well — work.

And on the Graham Norton Show, Hemsworth told a really corny, pun-filled Thor joke, as an example of the Thor jokes that fans keep walking up and telling him. “So people come up to you and they want you to tell a specific joke?” Norton asks. Hemsworth clarifies:

Well, they just come and tell me Thor jokes, or they yell Thor lines and stuff, like…Do you know the joke about–Thor spends a night with this woman and the next morning he says, “I have to tell you who I am. I’m Thor.” She says, “You’re Thor? I can hardly walk.”

The funny part is when Jessica Chastain grimaces at how cheesy that joke is. The audience laughs, perhaps politely, while Norton protests that it is indeed a funny joke. Hemsworth himself has no reaction (he’s not the type to crack himself up while putting in work, after all), and says, “It’s good the first time … the next 27 times, you know.”

Maybe the joke will go over better if you do a dramatic reading of it, Chris.

Here’s a bonus clip of Chris and other celebrity guests reacting to a British woman telling an incomprehensible story about “one thing leading to another” in a dog basket.

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