Chris Pine Has Seen Your Tweets About His ‘Outlaw King’ Penis Scene

When Chris Pine reunited with his Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie, they decided to boldly go where they’d never gone before. Called Outlaw King, the film — which hits Netflix on November 8 — stars our possibly still current Captain Kirk and Wonder Woman’s evidently-not-quite-dead almost-boyfriend as Robert the Bruce, a 14th century Scottish ruler who protected his nation from the mean English army. Pine had to nail a tricky accent, dress in heavy costumes, shoot in unforgiving locales. Also he showed his wang.

Pine’s Enterprise is what dominated most of the Outlaw King discourse when the film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September. And don’t think Graham Norton didn’t notice.

The actor swung by The Graham Norton Show recently and, while in the middle of a Sally Field-Rami Malek sandwich, awkwardly shifted in his seat and face-palmed as his host read tweets largely dedicated to his Monty Hall. Meanwhile two-time Oscar-winner Field, sitting inches from him, took particular interest.

One tweet reads: “Chris Pine. Full frontal. OUTLAW KING. That’s pretty much my review.” Another reminds us that “thankfully, Netflix has a pause button.”

Thing is, Pine had already read most of them. He admitted they’re “effin brutal.” He highly recommended one that he said he hazily thought was from Vanity Fair, and perhaps it’s this one from staff writer Richard Lawson:

Pine’s member aside, Outlaw King hasn’t been terribly well-received, many finding it too long and unfocused. Mackenzie even felt compelled to re-edit the film, though he assured everyone he didn’t cut the bit that will get it even more streams.

So there you have it: Chris Pine has seen you seeing his penis. He’ll surely be back to searching “chris pine penis” or “chris pine pubes” on Twitter when the film hits streaming in a few weeks.

(Via EW)

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