Watch Chris Pratt Attempt To Run In High Heels On ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden had the cast of Jurassic World on for a bit of fun, with the conversation focusing on the amount of running in the movie at one point. Bryce Dallas Howard, who already showed off her crying powers earlier on Conan, also apparently has the uncanny ability to run in high heels without busting her face or tweaking an ankle.

Chris Pratt seems amazed by this, but is then put to the test by Corden to see if he can replicate Bryce’s running from the movie. What transpires is the daintiest run in the history of late night television (oral history coming soon) and looks a bit more natural than anybody expected. If it doesn’t turn out that Chris Pratt is trying on Anna Faris’ heels at home in the near future, I’ll be completely shocked.

(Via The Late Late Show)