These Tweets Mean ‘Guardians 2’ Is Going To Make Everyone Cry So Hard, Right?

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Alright, if Chris Pratt is in tears watching Kurt Russell wrap on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, then what will audiences be like when they watch Chris and Kurt act as father and son on-screen? Could their emotional bond and chemistry off-screen which has lead to tears from director James Gunn and Pratt mean that we, the movie-going public, will be left in a puddle of salty-yet-satisfying tears?

I reckon these tweets guarantee it.

We’ve reported on Chris Pratt crying over the Guardians 2 script. We’ve had our hearts melt as Chris Pratt cried about his son. So we know that Chris Pratt is an emotional guy, but maybe, just maybe, this Guardians 2 script is a total tearjerker and we’re all in for some, “I’m not crying, you’re crying moments.”

Judging from context clues, it seems to me that Starlord will likely link up with his dad in Guardians 2, and something really, really sad will happen (or not). Then, since Pratt Pratt Pratt is really warming everyone’s hearts with his fatherhood, he probably sees the parallels in his character and what it’d be like if his cute little son was whisked away by aliens one night after Anna Ferris died and everyone got a cool mixtape.

Anything could happen, but tears seem to be guaranteed.

(Via CinemaBlend)