Watch Chris Pratt Make Fun Of Award Speeches At The Guys Choice Awards

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06.20.15 8 Comments

Chris Pratt took home the Guy of the Year Award at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. The ceremony took place on June 6 and aired last night. Pratt’s enthusiastic acceptance speech was the evening’s highlight. He painted the room with his effusive gratitude, which was aimed at the lengthy, overly detailed speeches we see at “classy” awards shows. You know, actors who think we want to hear them thank their dog walkers.

Pratt started his speech by thanking presenter Zoe Saldana. He pointed towards the stage’s giant taxidermy replica: “I shot that deer, and Spike owes me some money for having it on their fireplace! That’s my deer!” Then he got down to some rapidfire shoutouts:

“Quick shoutout to my wife at home, Anna darling, I love you. To all our men and women in uniform tonight, looking good, looking sharp! I hope you’re having a drink tonight, you earned it. I hope you’re tipping one back for us, we appreciate you. Just a bunch of quick shoutouts. My agent right there, Jason. Shoutout to Jason. Julie, my manager. Dante, my spray tan guy! Bro, we got the mix, am I right? Right? It looks good! Quick shoutout to Bowflex, wanna give a shoutout to Axe bodyspray. You helped me get my wife pregnant. Speaking of which, she gave me a son, so I wanna thank Spider, my new babysitter. Bro, I know I just met you online, but like, I trust you, you know what I’m saying? Mi casa, su casa, Spider. I wanna thank True Religion jeans! I wanna thank the book The Secret!

Pratt, ever the comedian, finally paused for a rare moment of seriousness. He thanked all the “beautiful women” in the audience and gave a shoutout for equality (“socially, economically and politically”). Pratt acknowledged how his whole life is run by women, which is a nice touch. And something you don’t usually hear on Spike TV.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

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