Chris Pratt Wants To See A Space Dance-Off Between Hulk And Star-Lord

Earlier this year, Mark Ruffalo expressed interest in a Planet Hulk movie. This probably won’t happen anytime in the near future; there are plenty of rights issues involved with any solo Hulk movie, and Planet Hulk would toss Bruce Banner away for an all Hulk, all the time approach.

The ever-optimistic Chris Pratt won’t stop believing, though. Pratt, who’s barreling through his Jurassic World press tour, sat down with IGN to discuss this important matter. Pratt knows exactly what would happen if Star-Lord encountered The Hulk in space:

When we sat down with him, we asked if, while adventuring in the cosmos, he’d like for Star-Lord to bump into The Hulk and how – if that did happen – he felt the two might get along.

“I’d love the chance to work with Mark Ruffalo,” Pratt enthused. “He’s a terrific actor.”

The actor then laughingly theorized that if they were to meet, the pair would “do some choreographed dances in no time.”

“I’d teach The Hulk how to do the Running Man,” he concluded.

This sounds like a destructive idea, but audiences would have a ball watching The Hulk klutz around during dance lessons. Marvel has certainly pulled off more ridiculous scenes, so why not? I look forward to watching The Hulk’s befuddled expression when Pratt starts shaking it like this.

“Dance-off, bro. Me and you.” “SMASH!”

(Via IGN)