Chris Pratt Knows Who Star-Lord’s Dad Is, Says ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ Story Put Tears In His Eyes

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Now that James Gunn has finished the first draft of the script for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, everyone can start asking all the stars if they’ve read it yet — which is why Digital Spy asked Chris Pratt what he knew about the story during a press tour for Jurassic World.

They asked about songs being picked for “Awesome Mix Vol. 2,” something which James Gunn said has him more worried than making the movie. We also knew we’d find out who Peter Quill / Star-Lord’s dad is in the sequel (someone different than in the comics), and Chris Pratt already knows who it is but isn’t going to ruin Christmas morning for us.

Oddly, Pratt describes Marvel as being completely on board for Gunn’s story idea when he first pitched it, whereas Gunn said their reaction was more along the lines of “Oh, whoa. That’s risky, but OK.” Either way, it sounds like Marvel is letting them do their thing, because it’s clearly working.

Here’s a transcript of Pratt’s answers, courtesy of /film (emphasis ours):

“I know some of the songs that are going to be on ‘Awesome Mix 2’. All I can tell you, because I obviously, I’m not allowed to tell anybody anything, nor would I want to, because it would be a little bit like telling a kid what’s under the tree before Christmas morning. I would encourage people not to poke holes in the paper and peek. Allow yourself the Christmas morning. Don’t ruin it. I will say that his pitch and his idea legitimately put tears in my eyes. It is so good, it’s so good. And I cannot wait to get started on it and I cannot wait for people to see what he’s going to pull off with the second movie. It’s so, so big and so good. From what I understand, they were like, heard it at Marvel and they said nothing. They’re like, ‘perfect.’ There was no micromanaging of the idea, they just love it so much they didn’t even have a note for it. It’s going to be remarkable.”

Oh man. I hope they cast Glenn Howerton as Star-Lord’s dad.

(Via Digital Spy and /film)