The Most Vocal Celebrity Advice For Chris Rock Regarding #OscarsSoWhite

What would an Oscar season be without an obscene amount of pressure on the host? It’s one of the most glamorous gigs in Hollywood and it’s also one that rarely comes with much in the way of thanks. This year’s host Chris Rock previously navigated the treacherous waters of the Academy Awards in 2005, but 2016’s #OscarsSoWhite issue has managed to significantly crank up the degree of difficulty factor.

There has been no shortage of opinions on how the Top Five star should go about this year’s ceremony and the heavy hanging cloud of controversy over the whole affair being so damn white. Should he continue ahead? Should he address the subject as host? Should he even bother showing up and just boycott the thing? Advice for Rock has been directed at him full-force from mouths, keyboards, and touch screens across the globe, with some of those takes coming from celebs themselves.

There has been a flood of celebrity suggestions on how Rock should handle his role as Oscars host and we’ve managed to wrangle these takes together into one handy video package. Do your views match up with any of opinions on what Rock should do? Head up to the top of the page, hit play, and compare notes.