Chris Rock’s New Oscars TV Spot Shows Why We’re So Excited To Have Him Back As Host

In news that’s terrible for STEADFAST GUARDIANS OF JUDE LAW’S DIGNITY and fantastic for everyone else, we’ve hit the point of the year where Chris Rock‘s first Oscar TV spot has arrived. Rejoice!

In a short snappy 15 second clip, the host for the 88th Annual Academy Awards outlines what makes the Oscars and New Year’s Eve so gawshdarn similar.

“Much like New Year’s Eve, it’ll be a night that ends with a lot of drunk, disappointed people swearing they’ll do better next year.”

This marks the second go-around as Oscar host for Rock who hosted this big splashy shindig back in 2005 and caused a moderate fuss by doing things like making fun of actors like Jude Law and Colin Farrell at the ceremony. It was the sort of thing where Rock was hyped as the man that would bring a little bit of edge to the Academy Awards and his work as master of ceremonies resulted in endless monocole drops, wig flips and fainting wealthy dowagers despite not being particularly outrageous. Essentially, it was the thing Ricky Gervais has been pretending to do for roughly 68 or so Golden Globes broadcasts.

You can watch Rock take the reins from last year’s host Neil Patrick Harris on February 28 when the Oscars are aired on ABC. Here’s hoping the Academy uses the ceremony to acknowledge Rock’s supporting work in Sgt. Bilko which turns 20 this year.

(via Deadline)