There’s Still A Blockbuster Video In Indiana And This Guy Went There

When was the last time you walked into a video rental store? For Youtube personality and all things retro lover, Chris Stuckmann that experience happened not too long ago. Chris and his wife drove out of state and road tripped to one of the only Blockbuster Video franchises still open for business.

The Blockbuster, which is located in a quiet strip mall called Rochester Plaza, is basically a time machine. Chris says, “Oh my gosh! I feel like I’m in 1999!”

When he walks into the store, he acts as if he landed on a different planet. The store, like the strip mall it’s located in is completely dead inside, but the store’s layout is just how it was if you went to your own local Blockbuster back in the ’90s. Apparently this location even has Mortal Kombat on Sega CD available to rent!

In the video, Stuckmann continues to wax nostalgic about Blockbuster and other rental retail stores such as Hollywood Video and Family Video. Stuckmann and his wife film inside a Family Video location in Ohio where you can order pizza and rent a movie or video game.

Are we going to trade in our streaming subscriptions? Probably not, but as Chris Stuckmann explains, there’s something truly magical about a video rental store and actually holding the movie or video game you want to rent in your hands.

(via AV Club)