Chrissy Teigen May Have One Of The Most Fitting Bill Murray Stories Of All Time

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Every Bill Murray story is great, even when it involves Bill Murray doing something not so awesome, like tossing someone’s phone off a roof. Yet everyone’s heard about the random encounters people report with the legend. He’s known to show up at karaoke parties, join a soccer game, or sneak up behind someone in a park and give them a good scare. Some of this stuff ends up on camera, and if it doesn’t, no one will ever believe you.

Yet Chrissy Teigen’s Bill Murray story is so carefully tailored to her personality that it might be perfect. Everyone knows how much she loves food, and Murray must be a fan because he knew the way to her heart. The subject arose when The New Yorker published a compilation of Bill Murray stories from people who have been lucky enough to experience one.

Teigen spied a link on Twitter, so she told her story — in 140 characters or less — which boils down to this: “A waiter dropped a plate of half eaten food and said it was from ‘the man at the bar’ — it was bill murray.”

Now here’s the real question … did she eat the rest of the food on the plate? Ordinarily, the thought of eating off a stranger’s plate is a revolting one, but this is Bill Murray we’re talking about. I’d probably go there, if the food was tasty.