Christina Aguilera Called The New ‘Mulan’ A ‘Beautiful Thing To Share’ With Her Kids For The First Time

Disney’s release of its live-action Mulan is a grand experiment in how much people are willing to pay for content during a pandemic. Disney originally scheduled their remake for a late March theatrical release only to wind up dropping it on their streaming service, for an unprecedentedly large fee of $29 — and that’s if you’re already a Disney+ subscriber. While the remake of the beloved late’90s animated movie will eventually be on the regular tier of Disney+, Christina Aguilera had very good reason to shell out the extra money to show her children the live-action version of the film that helped her become a superstar.

Aguilera had a breakout hit with “Reflection,” which she recorded for the Mulan soundtrack. The singer was invited back to re-record the song for the 2020 version of the movie. As it turns out, Aguilera had never shown her two children the movie. So on the film’s Friday’s release, Aguilera used the film’s digital premiere as an excuse to finally make them watch the animated original.

She shared her excitement about showing her children the movie for the first time on Twitter, calling it a “beautiful thing to share” with her family.

The singer also talked about re-recording “Reflection,” as well as a new song for the 2020 version of Mulan, calling it an “emotional” experience and pointing out the differences between the two songs.

Aguilera also shared an extremely throwback GIF of herself as on Disney, which was a nice coda to what became a very enlightening Twitter Q&A.