Seeing Christina Ricci As Morticia From ‘The Addams Family’ Gives You A Lot Of Ideas

Many fake images have circulated and driven the masses crazy in the Internet Age and beyond. Fakery seems to be the flavor of the day across the board, so it’s no shock, but this at least brews a fun idea. A rebirth of some films that were actually fairly decent for adaptations back in the ’90s (at least the first one). We’re talking about The Addams Family, of course, and the image causing a ruckus is this look at Christina Ricci as an all-grown-up Wednesday Addams, dressed as her mother Morticia from the film.

Now, as I said, this is not a real photo. Someone has taken Ricci’s head and placed it on Anjelica Huston’s body from the film. The image below shows you a comparison between the original promo image from the film and the fakery.

Still, this image helps to raise a couple of good ideas. If Hollywood is going to bring back old franchises from the ’90s now — which I’m against, but feel like I’m losing the battle — there’s no harm in getting creative with it. The only problem is I don’t think Wednesday Addams would be like her mother, at least not in the style department. But I could be wrong and it could be a plot point. An identity crisis with her own kids, where she sees the person she once was and questions what happened.

Probably a bit too deep for an Addams Family movie, but who knows. I would also accept Wednesday and Joel Glicker played by David Krumholtz to come back for a spin-off film that plays like a comedic version of Natural Born Killers. Something like Woody Allen meets David Cronenberg in an insane asylum. Print this bit of writing out and take it to President Hollywood, stat.

(Via E! Online / Mystical Enchantment)