Christopher Guest’s Next Film, ‘Mascots,’ Is Coming Exclusively To Netflix

Netflix told you it was going hard in the paint when it came to providing exclusive features films for its platform, and they meant it. In addition to having an exclusive four-picture deal with Adam Sandler (not necessarily a good thing), it’s also bringing us the very enticing Beasts of No Nation, Brad Pitt’s War Machine, and now Christopher Guest’s next project, Mascots.

When it comes to mockumentaries, perhaps no name is as big as Guest. His films — This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show, and A Mighty Wind, among others — are some of the very best of the genre. Guest also routinely casts the same actors like Eugene Levy (one of his co-writers), Jane Lynch, and Catherine O’Hara. Mascots will follow the participants of the 8th World Mascot Association championships whose ultimate prize is the Gold Fluffy Award. That already sounds hilarious.

There’s no official word yet on who exactly is in the cast, but you can probably expect some of his regulars. Mascots will premier on Netflix sometime in 2016, so that should give you plenty of time to catch up on frequent viewings of his earlier work.

(Via Variety)