‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Is Getting A Very Odd ‘Reboot’

The Chronicles of Narnia is a beloved children’s book series, but the movie series, not so much. It had its fans, but after The Voyage of the Dawn Treader showed that a fourth entry might not do well, Walden Media wrapped its fantasy franchise up. Now a new company is taking over, and using the timeline as an excuse to reboot the series

Okay, follow us here: Mark Gordon Company is adapting the next book in the series, The Silver Chair. But they’re insisting it’s a reboot, not a sequel, despite the chronology. In fact, they could pretty easily just call it a sequel and have done with it. The Silver Chair takes place decades after the events of Dawn Treader, well, at least in Narnia, and the original cast of kids is all six years older and busy elsewhere. It’d be kind of weird to see Bridger from The Revenant hunting down a prince.

We suppose they’re trying to distance themselves from the original series, which makes sense. And we do appreciate a desire to not go back to the beginning, but use a natural plot moment to transition over and make their own movie. It’s just going to be a bit weird to watch something half-sequel, half-reboot. Although if they really wanted to make it different, they could go with a different Silverchair.

(via Comic Book)

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