Colin Farrell And Others Reportedly Sought For ‘Justice League Dark’

Last time we checked in on Warner’s Justice League Dark film adaptation, Guillermo del Toro had already departed the director’s chair, but was staying as a producer, and co-producer Scott Rudin was updating the script and seeking a new director, with new details about the plot emerging. We also heard the lineup would probably include John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, Deadman, the Spectre, and Zatanna. Now Latino Review adds two more characters to the list (making it less of a sausage fest) and has a source claiming to know which actors are on Warner’s wish list.

According to Latino Review, Warner may have Cara Delevingne reprise her Suicide Squad character The Enchantress in Justice League Dark to bridge the two movies. Reportedly, Madame Xanadu will also be in the squad– er, the team. Warner is rumored to want Monica Bellucci (most recently seen in Bond film Spectre) to play her.

They also say the studio disagrees with del Toro’s choice for John Constantine (he wants a blond and reportedly suggested an actor who isn’t A-list), and the studio wants Colin Farrell or another recognizable name to lead the team instead. Ewan McGregor has reportedly been approached for Constantine, as well, with Latino Review saying one of the two actors may play Jason Blood (Etrigan’s human side) instead.

Since the beginning, del Toro has wanted to cast Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing; that seems to still be the case. Finally, the studio is reportedly seeking a comedic actor to play Deadman and a Hispanic or black actor to play Zatanna. Even if none of this casting goes through as planned, it bodes well that Warner is trying to cast the film after so many years in development. The huge fan interest in Suicide Squad may have convinced them having anti-heroes team up might be just a wee bit profitable.

(Via Latino Review)