Eddie Redmayne Gave Out Thousands Of Free Wands To ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Like It Was No Big Deal

A wand in the world of Harry Potter is special, not anyone an simply pick up a magic wand and start casting spells. There’s a lot more to it and, in fact, the wand picks the owner, meaning that even if you were to pick up a wand the whole thing would just end up a tragic mess. Never mind if you are a muggle, then a wand really has no value at all to you. With all of that being said, there was some magic at Comic-Con’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them panel on Saturday.

Eddie Redmayne, the lead character of the upcoming prequel series to the Harry Potter books and films decided to let all of the muggles in attendance in on some of the magic when he handed out free wands to everyone in attendance. Yes, you read that correctly; everyone in attendance was given a wand. Granted, Eddie Redmayne is in no way licensed to hand out actual magic wands, making this a sticky situation, but all of it was in the name of fun.

Chances are that Lumox Maxima spell didn’t work and the light on the screen behind him was all stage, but we’ll just let everyone have their fun with this one.

(Via BuzzFeed)