Conan Pays Tribute To The Always Hilarious Abe Vigoda With His Best ‘Late Night’ Moments

In case you missed the sad news, film and TV legend Abe Vigoda passed away today at the age 94. Some might not call him a legend, but when you’re in The Godfather and you’re a part of late night lore, you deserve the moniker. That’s why a guy like Vigoda gets a tribute from Conan O’Brien at the start of tonight’s show. He’s made his mark on Conan’s television run and now that he’s gone, the host and Andy Richter decided to look back on some of his memorable moments from the show.

The best part is that Vigoda was apparently willing to show up at a moment’s notice to be part of some sort of silly segment or to be a bit part in a sketch. Missing from the roll, but mentioned, is Andy Richter’s remote with Vigoda where the pair spent a day at Coney Island. Richter remembered the actor on Twitter with some photo booth photos they took together.

The whole Abe Vigoda running joke might’ve gotten its start on Late Night with David Letterman, but Conan really took it to new heights. And it’s nice to look back at some of these clips and crack a smile. Just knowing Abe Vigoda was once willing to come into the studio and be wrapped in Christmas lights is pleasing.

(Via Team Coco)