This ‘Conjuring 2’ Prank Forces These Poor Folks To Nearly Crap Their Pants

The word “prank” gets thrown around a lot, so it’s always nice when we get to see a good prank with high production values come along. We’re not against scaring the victims in a prank… well, that sometimes depends on the approach, but is it so wrong to try and convince people that an evil spirit plans to steal their eternal souls? We don’t think so, which is why we can laugh over this great prank set up by the makers of The Conjuring 2 and Brazil’s Programa Silvio Santos.

The set up is simple: The victim is told they need to wake a sick girl up and give her medicine. But when they try to rouse her, she reveals herself to be Exorcist-style possessed, and all sorts of classic horror movie craziness goes down. As if this wasn’t enough, the show goes for a double dose of terrorizing, adding in a scary nun that bursts out of a mirror and attacks.

Kudos to woman number two, who manages to keep her cool and call for Jesus to burn the demons she’s witnessing. As for the other two women who really do look a few more scares away from heart attacks, they shouldn’t feel too bad. We’d be on the floor weeping with them as well.

The Conjuring 2 is out now, and involves similar creepy possessed girls, upside down crosses, and Juggalo nuns out for blood.