The Coolest Friend Ever Turned This House Into A Discount ‘Harry Potter’ World As A Birthday Surprise

There are few things cooler than when your best friend just “gets you.” That is just what happened with Redditor SoButtons when her (unidentified) best friend threw her a Harry Potter themed 28th birthday party. Any of you who may want to scoff at a 28 year old having a Harry Potter themed birthday, remember, if you gauge it time wise, she grew up with those books so LAY OFF!

Sorry, I get defensive when it comes to my alma mater.

While it could be said no one would walk into the house and think they had mistakenly walked onto a Harry Potter movie set. Put it this way, if this was a Harry Potter movie it would be called Harry Potter and the Price Cap of about a Hundred Dollars. But that’s not the point. The point is, one friend wanted to make another smile, and it worked.

You can barely see the strings, if you squint after having six butter beers. Regardless, the effort is pretty awesome.

What kind of Harry Potter party would it be if the man of the hour himself didn’t show up? Please note, he looks one dimensional, but that is simply because he used a “flattening spell” before shipping out to surprise Katie (Aka SoButtons). Note the giraffe in the background looking at Harry all confused. Seems fitting. And honestly, the little touches are what makes it so awesome.

You can check out the rest of the layout here, or you can just hope and pray you have a friend as awesome as Katie does.

H/T to DailyDot