Craig Ferguson Quit Acting Thanks To The Dog From ‘Babe’

Craig Ferguson is many things: Stand-up comedian, writer, master of relationship advice, and History Channel personality. But he’s rarely acted in recent years, and many have wondered why. Turns out it’s because he thinks he’s not as good as the dog from Babe.

In fact, as Ferguson argues in the clip above from Tribeca Shortlist that Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t outact that dog. And he might be right. As to why Ferguson is weighing in on his acting ability or lack thereof, he’s been tapped by the streaming video outlet to hand-pick movies for its service. Every month, a new actor, director, or other Hollywood luminary hand-picks movies for the service for people to check out, which is something of an interactive guide to their taste in movies. Ferguson, of course, has impeccable taste, with his first choice being Groundhog Day.

That said, they may have gotten a little more than they bargained for when they ran some fairly standard questions by Ferguson, like what the funniest movie is and whether he enjoys happy endings.

Really, we should just have Ferguson come in as a pinch-hitter for all softball questions about movies. If nothing else, it’d substantially liven up press junkets.