This Version Of ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ Is Too Good For This Earth

DC Comics has been adapting their comics to live action for a long time, with the earliest adaptation being a Batman serial starring Lewis Wilson in 1943. So, there was a large well of current and former (and canceled and failed) adaptations for Redditor AshsEvilHand to pull from when he or she created a poster for a live-action Crisis on Infinite Earths that’s just too good for this Earth.

There’s not much of The CW’s current line-up represented, as AshsEvilHand explains, “I decided to let Grant Gustin be the representative of the Arrow-verse, due to his size and prominence in the image.”

Instead, the poster relies on a wide swathe of DC live adaptations from several decades. See if you can spot all of them, like Keanu Reeves as Constantine, 1949 Batman (Robert Lowery), Rorschach, ShaqSteel, Aquaman from the pilot that never got picked up, Superpup, Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex, 1948 Superman (Kirk Alyn), Huntress, Human Target, and Chris O’Donnell as Robin to remind us Chris O’Donnell exists.

There is, however, no Vinnie Chase as Aquaman. Sorry, but thank you.

(Via Reddit)