‘The Croods 2’ Has Been Wiped Off The Earth

Hold your children close and your DreamWorks Animation commemorative cups even closer. The decision has been made to not morph The Croods into a series of films.

According to Variety, DreamWorks and their new parent Universal Studios have elected to snuff their plans for The Croods 2. For those that may have forgotten, The Croods was a 2013 animated offering centered around a cave family and the promise of Nicolas Cage and Emma Stone lending their vocal talents. (It also got better reviews than you remember.) The sequel had already seen some hiccups before the decision to delete with delays pushing back what was originally a 2017 release. Work for the follow-up had been going for over three years and dozens of employees will now be headed towards other projects.

Even with the sequel plans killed, the property is being placed into suspended animation for its eventual future use. After all, it’s wasteful to toss out an original film with a part 2.

The Croods is still very much in the DreamWorks catalog,” said Variety‘s source at Universal. “It’s not unheard of that it might be something someone takes a look at in the future.”

It might not be on the big screen, but two seasons of the Netflix animated series Dawn of the Croods are waiting for the heartbroken.

(Via Variety)