Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets Real About Being A Winner Surrounded By Losers At The Academy Awards

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02.03.18 2 Comments

Cuba Gooding Jr. recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Vera Drake actress Imelda Staunton and both couldn’t help but talk a bit about their past Oscars experiences. Staunton recounted how she brought sandwiches with her to the show to keep her family from starving, which is a delightful tale that ends with her losing out to Hillary Swank. That inspires Gooding Jr. to tell his own Oscar tales, one involving the wise words of Jack Nicholson and the feeling in the room after you’ve become a winner for the night.

He starts with the quip from Nicholson that sorta hits at the truth of an Oscar win when you’re not a repeat winner. The pair starred together in As Good As It Gets and Nicholson apparently shared this bit of wisdom:

‘Cubie, when you’re nominated, you’re hot until that awards show. When you win, you’re hot for one year.’

And that’s it. That’s it in Hollywood…cause the next year, you’re replaced by the next winner and then they get that kind of calling card.

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