Daisy Ridley’s Goodbye To Carrie Fisher Makes A ‘Force Awakens’ Scene Especially Poignant

As the world mourns the dearly departed Carrie Fisher, her co-stars and contemporaries are speaking out about all the things they loved about the iconic actress. Stories about the things they will miss about her electric personality, her talent, and her endless ability to shut people down with the perfect quip. There is an unending stream of uplifting and hilarious anecdotes swirling around the internet, and one of the newest members of the Star Wars family chimed in with her goodbye message to Carrie.

Daisy Ridley, anointed a star with her role as Rey in The Force Awakens, released a statement about Carrie’s passing earlier in the day.

“Devastated at this monumental loss. How lucky we all are to have known her, and how awful that we have to say goodbye.”

It makes the following scene, posted online from a fan account and not Daisy Ridley herself, much more poignant in the long run. Rey embracing General Organa was already a touching moment in the film, but now it’s got an entirely new meaning.

Of course, the quote overlaid is actually spoken by Kylo Ren when referencing his grandfather Darth Vader, but in this case, the sentiment is sincere enough that splitting hairs about the dark side or the light is pretty pointless. The quote is perfect for this situation, and there should be no doubt that Ridley is completely genuine when she promises to carry on the mantle of being a female lead in a male-dominated franchise. Another touching tribute from within the Star Wars family.