Daisy Ridley Continues To Prove She’s The Heroine We All Need With Her Latest Instagram Post

06.09.16 3 years ago 3 Comments
daisy ridley

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When it comes to empowering Instagram posts, the Force is strong with Daisy Ridley.

The British actress and all-around awesome human being is no stranger to encouraging others through the social media platform. She regularly posts inspiring work out videos — hey, being a bada** on the big screen means you’ve got to be in shape — and has made it her mission to use her celebrity to spread a message of kindness and acceptance (something those relentless internet trolls desperately need to hear). However, she got super personal with her latest share.

While Ridley regularly posts make-up free selfies and pokes fun at her glammed-up self on photo shoots and red carpets, the actress took to Instagram today to remind her fans that what they see on-screen isn’t real-life. In other words, even Rey, Luke Skywalker’s protegé and possible offspring, deals with acne.

Ridley shared that she was diagnosed with endometriosis at a young age and has been suffering the side effects of the painful disorder for quite some time. If you’re one of the lucky women who don’t have the disease (or one of the even luckier men who don’t have to worry about this at all), endometriosis is a pretty miserable disorder that affects millions of women worldwide. It’s not often talked about, which is why Ridley’s post is so important.

The actress shared that cutting out sugar and dairy from her diet helped lessen the effects of the disease and with help from a dermatologist, she’s clearing up her acne issues — kudos to her for being brave enough to post a clay mask selfie. She also encourages people to visit their doctor for regular checkups.

…don’t worry about sounding like a hypochondriac. From your head to the tips of your toes we only have one body, let us all make sure our working in tip-top condition and take help if it’s needed.

Wise words, Yoda.


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