Daisy Ridley And John Boyega Rap About Their Experience During ‘The Force Awakens’

We know they have awesome lightsaber skills, but how are Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s skills when it comes to busting out rhymes and beats on the mic? Well, they probably couldn’t slay hip-hop legends like Eminem or KRS-ONE in a rap battle, but this little old-school style rhyme about filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is pretty epic.

Entertainment Tonight  showed the exclusive clip of the two Star Wars stars breaking it down. Boyega beatboxed while Ridley dropped some classic lines such as, “We all up in the desert filming Star Wars, because of our diets we can’t eat no Mars bars.”

Boyega then joins Ridley on the chorus which might be catchier than Rihanna’s “Work”. They both yell out, “In the desert woo! In the desert woo!” Listening to it once will result in having it stuck in your head all day.

The clip also features cast members from the film grooving to Boyega’s dope beats and Ridley’s sick rhymes. Highlights include a funky Stormtrooper getting down and director, J.J. Abrams raising the roof.

This special feature will only be on the Target edition of  Star Wars: The Force Awakens, available in stores April 5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is currently available on HD digital download.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)