Irish ‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Having A Ball Spying On The ‘Episode 8’ Set

Entertainment Editor

Imagine being an Irishmen, living near Luke Skywalker’s hideout. It would be impossible to resist driving by the Star Wars VIII set as often as humanly possible to get a glimpse of just what’s going on in Rian Johnson’s sure-to-be epic. Think about it, on any given day off you can probably drive by and see the likes of Luke, Rey or even Chewbacca. It would be magical, especially if it were in your backyard (not literally your backyard because as cool as that sounds it’s also a little creepy).

And so, Irish Star Wars fans are taking the trek out to Malin Head, a small village near County Donegal and seemingly near (at least narratively) the island that Luke Skywalker is really sad on. While they aren’t the best quality, pictures and videos from the Episode 8 set taken by these fans are making their way to Twitter. We see an under-construction Millenium Falcon and a very, very brief glimpse of Daisy Ridley — all Rey’d up.

The Irish children love it. You can tell by the gasps of awe.

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