Did Dan Harmon Leak A ‘Doctor Strange’ Spoiler That Was Under Our Noses The Whole Time?


Slight, grain of salt-sized chance of a Doctor Strange spoiler below.

When news broke that Marvel hired Community and Rick and Morty‘s own Dan Harmon to write new scenes for “additional photography” on Doctor Strange, no one was too surprised. After all, Harmon is a writer by trade, and his IMDB page is littered with plenty of minor story credits on film and television projects originally created by others. Yet the precise nature of his involvement remains a mystery, as neither Marvel nor anyone else attached to the film was willing to officially confirm the initial report.

However, as Cinema Blend points out, Harmon himself may have let the hallucinogenic cat out of the bag during the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. That’s because, per several eagle-eyed Redditors, Harmon inadvertently revealed several possible Doctor Strange scenes and spoilers while teasing his audience with a brief look at the Community film script in Final Draft. Among the titles seen on the projection screen were “Kaecilius_01_Seduction,” “Mirror Realm Explanation_revised_01,” “Relic Room_Floppy Whip Scene,” and several files with “Magical Mystery” in their titles.

These scene titles seem to reference certain clips from recent trailers, and Kaecilius is the name of Mads Mikkelsen’s villain. But the most intriguing, and spoilery, of the scene titles pictured is “Strange confronts Dormammu.” Why? Because Dormammu, ruler of the dark dimension, typically serves as Strange’s chief antagonist in the comics. Instead of facing a fiery demon in the Phase Three film, however, the good doctor will be doing battle with a character who originally served as another villain’s lackey.

Of course, these alleged Doctor Strange scenes shouldn’t be accepted outright. Though the promise of a cinematic fight between Benedict Cumberbatch and a gigantic, CGI monstrosity whose head is always on fire is too good a possibility to pass up.

(Via Cinema Blend)