Daniel Craig Is Rocking A Very Familiar Tactleneck In This Teaser Poster For ‘SPECTRE’

With the budget for SPECTRE, the 24th installment of the James Bond franchise, reportedly north of a bajillion dollars, it seems that some of the gentleman spy’s finer things, like a tuxedo, may have been cut. The above image is the first teaser poster for SPECTRE, because you can’t have a regular poster without teasing us a little, and it seems like Daniel Craig is all business and action in regard to the return of the franchise’s oldest enemy. But as great and hunky as he looks… come on.

Maybe it’s just me and my obsession with all things Archer, especially in the middle of this spectacular sixth season, but Craig’s Bond looks exactly like Sterling Archer in that teaser, from the piercing blue eyes to the black tactleneck sweater. Sure, it’s probably a throwback to vintage Bond (since Bond is obviously far older than Archer), but if you put Craig in a white t-shirt, pink shorts, and roller skates, he’d simply be Sterling undercover. Regardless, here’s what Archer looks like in his trademark tactleneck:

And here’s Craig’s SPECTRE teaser poster again:

Now, here’s what this would look like if it were a teaser poster for a live action Archer movie:

In conclusion, let’s go ahead and get rolling on a live action Archer movie, please.