Daniel Craig Has Reportedly Been Offered A Massive Paycheck To Return As James Bond

The million dollar question of which hunky British heartthrob will fill James Bond’s shoes next has just turned into the $150M dollar question.

Sony has reportedly just offered Daniel Craig — the man wearing the tux and ordering his martinis shaken, not stirred for the past four Bond films — a huge paycheck to stay on as 007 for at least two more movies. According to Radar, studio execs have been feeling the pressure of picking the next Bond and, without an obvious candidate, have thrown their chips in with Craig, offering him $150M to reprise the role despite the actor claiming he’d rather slash his wrists than play the character again.

Of course, Craig clarified those comments — ones he made while promoting Spectre last year — saying that long shooting schedules and promotional tours had gotten the better of him. That’s part of the reason he was happy to be done with the franchise, but this is Hollywood and if the price is right, even miracles like getting Craig to return as the smooth MI6 agent can happen.

Craig’s been able to bring the iconic spy to life for a new generation over the past four films, so we have no doubt he’d do justice to the character again were he to accept the massive payload, but this is sad news for fans hoping to see a new face fronting the series.

Sony’s decision to reportedly keep Craig on isn’t surprising considering all he’s done for the studio with the success of the past few Bond movies, but it’s a bit strange that they’re struggling to zero in on a new male lead for the franchise given the impressive list of names rumored to be in the running.

Everyone from Idris Elba to Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston and even Gillian Anderson — it would be Bond, Jane Bond — have had their hats tossed into the ring. Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam and Poldark hunk Aidan Turner have also been circling the role.

But it sounds like when it comes to big-budget, money-making franchises, Sony would rather stick with a sure thing.

(Via Radar/The Guardian)