Daniel Radcliffe And James McAvoy Shared Stories About Their Rudest Fan Encounters

Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy’s latest film might not being doing so well at the box office, but both actors come from two popular film franchises. So of course talk show host Graham Norton asked them for stories about the rudest things their most crazed fans had ever done.

“People expect you to be a total dick all the time,” explained Radcliffe. “All my life I’ve worked really hard to not be that.”

Unfortunately, as both men pointed out with their respective stories, some of their most ardent Harry Potter and X-Men fans have provided them with some of their worth encounters. Like when a woman snapped back at Radcliffe for an off-hand comment about taking a picture with her.

“Somebody said, ‘Can I get a picture with you?’ Just saying words and not meaning anything by it, I said, ‘Oh yeah! Of course, if you want to.’ And she went, ‘Well I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to.'”

McAvoy, meanwhile, suffered something a bit more insulting — a passive aggressive reference to his not being as f*ckable as Channing Tatum. Mainly because he turned a taken woman’s advances down.

“I said, ‘I’m married but thank you very much. It’s really, really nice of you.’ And she said this thing that was meant as a compliment… ‘You know a lot of girls would be after somebody like Channing Tatum.'”

Oh well. At least Radcliffe, McAvoy, and their fans will always have San Diego Comic-Con — especially the part when they fondled one another on stage.