Daniel Stern Responds To Macaulay Culkin’s ‘Home Alone’ Revelation With His Own

Macaulay Culkin had the Internet abuzz earlier this month when a video debuted, which featured him as a mentally frazzled version of his Home Alone character, Kevin McCallister. In the video, a disturbed Kevin has not gotten over the fact that his parents left for Christmas vacation without him. The video concluded with what may be a homicide and a bloody Kevin exacting his own form of justice on home invaders. Now, Daniel Stern — the actor who portrayed one of the unfortunate burglars that tried to rob the McCallister home — released a response video.

In the video, Stern (in character as Marv, one half of the burglar pair known as the Wet Bandits) frantically looks over his shoulder after viewing the McCallister footage. “I saw it on the Internet!” Marv exclaims as he tries to warn his partner, Harry. “The kid is coming to get us! I saw him! He’s coming for all the home invaders and he’s going to come get us!”

The video was made in connection with a Reddit AMA that Stern was a part of yesterday. This was a hilariously appropriate gift for all Home Alone fans. So far, there has been no response video from Joe Pesci in character as Marv’s partner in crime, Harry. However, if this means that we are one step closer to a R-rated Home Alone reunion, consider me on board.

(Via Reddit)