Danny DeVito Goofed On Jimmy Fallon Over His Mom Disrupting Robert De Niro’s Broadway Show

Danny DeVito can always be counted on to be a stellar late night guest thanks to both his gift of storytelling and unpredictability, whether he’s talking about a photo of himself walking a wiener dog in a dress or that time an old lady died on him as an altar boy or reliving getting bitten in the balls by a monkey. Currently appearing in The Comedian alongside Robert De Niro (as well as the 12th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) DeVito stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night about his new film, and as usual, he did not disappoint.

First off, after failing to come up with the just the right words to describe De Niro’s character in the film, DeVito declared, “He’s an asshole!” — either unaware or unconcerned that he’s not allowed to say that word on NBC. Later, when Fallon mentions having run into DeVito over at De Niro’s Broadway production of A Bronx Tale, things really go off the rails.

“Wait a minute. That was — you! You, with … this is … Was it your mother? Was your mother there?” DeVito demanded, incredulously. “Didn’t your mother do the thing with the candy? Yeaaaaaaah!” When Fallon asked whether or not he heard it, DeVito responded, “Are you kidding? Everybody heard it!”

Things only got more cringe-worthy from there, but let those who don’t have embarrassing mothers who sometimes “do the thing with the candy” (lowers head, raises hand) cast the first stone.