‘Batman’ Nearly Caused Danny Elfman To Have A ‘Nervous Breakdown’

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07.04.15 11 Comments

Danny Elfman sat down to chat with the New York Post ahead of his upcoming show at the Lincoln Center. He’ll be playing some his most memorable movie pieces with a full orchestra, many from his long-running partnership with Tim Burton. But according to Elfman, the relationship had a rocky beginning on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure because the composer “was hoping I didn’t ruin this guy’s movie.”

The Post interview dives through some of the memorable signposts in Elfman’s career, starting with Oingo Boingo and moving on to Batman. You would think the film would be a heroic triumph, but it turns out that it almost broke Elfman:

“Batman” was very stressful — almost nervous-breakdown stressful. All I had done up to then was quirky comedies. Nobody but Tim wanted me on the movie. I really had to prove myself. There was a desire to have me collaborate with Prince [who wrote additional music for the film], but I was not open to that.

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