Dave Bautista Announces His Involvement In ‘Blade Runner 2’ With One Simple Reference

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News about the Blade Runner sequel has been coming in fast and furious in recent months. We know that the film will be released in January of 2018, and that names like Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright have been attached to the cast. Now, it appears as though the newest person to join Harrison Ford in the Denis Villeneuve film will be none other than six-time WWE world champion, Dave Bautista.

Batista teased an announcement on social media on Saturday and included a picture of him holding a small origami unicorn. For some wrestling fans, they initially thought it may be a reference to Batista joining up with famous unicorn lovers and the current WWE tag team champions, The New Day, for their match this Sunday at WrestleMania, even though it was previously reported that he had turned down an appearance at the event.

While Batista joining up with The New Day to take down the League of Nations would be the preference of every WWE fan in the room, the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s post actually relates to his film career instead of his wrestling one. Sci-fi fans were immediately able to tell that the origami unicorn is, in fact, a reference to Edward James Olmos’ character in the initial Blade Runner movie, signifying Big Dave had scored a part in the upcoming sequel.

Olmos’ character, Gaff, is one of the most mysterious in the film, but he was killed off in the Blade Runner sequel novel written in 1995. Whether Bautista’s post means he will be playing a character that is in some way related to Gaff or if it was just a subtle reference to the movie itself isn’t known, but it looks like one way or the other, Bautista will be joining the all-star cast.