Dave Franco And Emma Roberts Get Caught In The Game In This Trailer For ‘Nerve’

When you think about what we’re really lacking at the movies these days, the first thing to come to mind is that hallowed genre known as “teens in peril because they are so addicted to their phones/online lives/celebrity.” We really need more movies where kids get in deep doo doo because they can’t put down all those pesky social apps for five seconds.

Perhaps sensing some sort of outcry for more movies as such compelled the makers of Nerve, an adventure-thriller about a seemingly normal young woman played by Emma Roberts, whose life and that of her family and a cute stranger get turned upside down thanks to some sort of online game that broadcasts a series of ever-riskier dares to the entire world wide web. After Roberts and that stranger, who naturally becomes her companion/partner-in-peril in the person of Dave Franco, do some fun stuff like run through the streets without their clothes and get tattoos, the stakes get higher and higher thanks to what are referred to in the trailer as “watchers,” eventually leading to the pair facing off mano a mano in what appears to be a fight to the death. They should have just played Candy Crush.

Paranormal Activity 3 and 4 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman helmed Nerve, which will be unleashed upon millions of techno-obsessed teens on July 27.

(via AV Club)

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