This Thorough Video Essay Celebrates David Fincher’s Mastery Of Fridges In Film

Golden Globe winning director David Fincher has a cinematic style that breeds obsessive analysis. Film geeks have been pleased as punch to w*nk over every inch of his big screen offerings (aside from maybe Alien 3) and look for special traits, touches and themes. Now there’s an amazing video essay in existence looking at The Mighty Finch’s expert use of fridges in his films.


The Danish film magazine De Filmkrant has crafted a detailed yet zippy sub four-minute slice of analysis looking at how that rectangle you keep old mustard in is actually a notable player in Fincher’s filmography. What’s in the Box? David Fincher’s Fridges showcases the ways the detail oriented director has used the household appliance in his films to provide small clues, set up big events and occasionally reiterate how much of a drip Mark Zuckerberg can be.

“The contents can reveal one character’s meticulous planning and the other’s disregard for it,” notes our narrator as we’re presented with a shot of Ben Affleck opening a fridge in Gone Girl.

It’s the sort of video analysis that will have you scrambling to see if you can find other kitchen-based connections from big name directors. Does Michael Bay have a thing for toasters? Has Steve McQueen been quietly including spatulas this whole time? Is there a Kathryn Bigelow wafflemaker connection we’ve been missing? Keep us posted, film nerds!

(Via Indiewire)